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Based on Science and featuring everything from endurance-oriented metabolic-conditioning workouts to full-on HIIT workouts with plenty of weight training and resistance added for lean muscle gains, it’s far more than a run-of-the-mill “bootcamp” and hard to fully encapsulate in a word.


POWER SYNTHESIS brought to you by OLIVIA MORGAN! This dynamic 50-minute sweat session combines elements of barre, pilates-inspired movements, AND interval training to promote cardio and sculpting and wraps up with a 5-minute cooldown connecting breath work with the body. Each class offers a unique experience targeting a wide variety of muscle groups while maintaining a concentration on core balance and strength. All levels are encouraged and are guaranteed to walk out of the studio a stronger and higher self!


Come find your zen in slow flow…or, come sweat your butt off in a Power class! Deep stretch, Slow Flow, there are endless varieties of yoga. We will also feature special events and workshops with some of the biggest names in the Charlotte-area Yoga world!

In addition to all of the incredible studios, you’ll also have access to a fully-equipped, top of the line weight room! Featuring brands such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Strencor to work out your way, any time. We’ve also included a “functional” area with bumper plates, kettlebells, and some other extras for those who enjoy Olympic lifting and functional workouts!


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Josiah Boling



Bryson Rodgers

General Manager & Ignite+ Lead Trainer


Brent Bumgarner

Director of Personal Training

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Carolyn Kosma

Assistant GM & Operations Manager