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Meet Our Studios

Based on Science and featuring everything from endurance-oriented metabolic-conditioning workouts to full-on HIIT workouts with plenty of weight training and resistance added for lean muscle gains, it’s far more than a run-of-the-mill “bootcamp” and hard to fully encapsulate in a word.


Our particular flavor of barre incorporates an element of cardio tempo, meaning you can accomplish your resistance training AND your fat-burning workout all in one! Barre as a workout style has a very devoted base of followers, and once you try it, you’ll see why!


Come find your zen in slow flow…or, come sweat your butt off in a Yoga Sculpt class! Deep stretch, vinyasa, there are endless varieties of yoga, due to its worldwide interest and timeless influence! We will also feature special events and workshops with some of the biggest names in the Charlotte-area Yoga world!


Our cycle instructors will get your heart thumping and the beat pumping! We have power rides, endurance rides, some with a little choreography just for fun, and some with a little bit of everything! Grab your bike, follow along with the instructor, and immerse yourself in the experience of awesome lighting and powerful sound.


In addition to all of the incredible studios, you’ll also have access to a fully-equipped, top of the line weight room! Featuring brands such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Strencor to work out your way, any time. We’ve also included a “functional” area with bumper plates, kettlebells, and some other extras for those who enjoy Olympic lifting and functional workouts!


COVID-19 Impact

Will you be 1 of our 103?

You may be aware that as of March 18, 2020 gyms in Mecklenburg County were ordered shut do to the Global COVID-19 Crisis. Our hearts go out to those affected by COVID-19.  Better days are ahead for all of us.

Hive Fitness opened just a few weeks ago on January 18, 2020. As you could imagine, temporailiy shutting the doors for a new business is worrisome but with the the support of our already hundreds of members, we will be a staple in the Charlotte Fitness scene for years to come.

About this time in 2019, Rob was busy kicking my ass (Josiah) at his home gym while we planned every detail of how to turn our dream into a reality. Like....obsessively planned. We took massive risk for something we believed in. That belief laid in a versatile gym concept that would allow the Charlotte Fitness community to have more choices, top notch instruction and tremendous value. It took some serious bumps and bruises to get through construction and opening 4-5 months later than planned nearly marked the end before we could even get the doors open. The sleepless nights were plentiful and guarantees few and far between. With the support and encouragement of our early founding membership base we did it- and we can never thank you all enough.

Since opening we’ve had hundreds of new members and hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and Mindbody. While we’re not yet where we need to be in terms of memberships, we’re well on the way and we cannot thank you enough for your support.

The next few days, weeks, and months will have tremendous impact on all of us. For those of you who are or will suffer, our hearts are with you. Brighter days are ahead.

This day, this week, this moment will forever be part of our minds and hearts but time will prevail. Time of concern will give way to a time to mourn, a time to heal, a time to recover, a time to look forward knowing that we have little to gain by looking back. During this time- Be kind. Give more. Love harder.

“Support local” has been a big topic over the last few days. If you’re in a position to support a local business we’d be grateful for your support.

The best way to support @hivefitnessclt is via a membership. Behind the scenes we’ve been on an internal countdown which now stands at 103 members to go. Originally that number represented a time in which we would announce our Grand Opening Party. Given the current circumstances, a party seems unlikely for now. What doesn’t change is that the countdown of 103 more members ensures we have a solid enough foundation and are set up to do even more exciting things for the Charlotte Fitness community. We’re grateful if you can be part of that 103, and even more grateful to our current members who are already supporting us both financially AND with their energy and smiles each day.

In addition, we’re introducing a BOGO with a matching gift to a local business of your choice. The BOGO applies to all paid in full memberships ranging from $699/yr to $1599/yr. With your purchase you receive 2 years of access to @hivefitnesscltand a matching value in membership gifted to the local business of your choice. For example, with your purchase of the $699 paid in full YOU will receive 2 years of access AND your favorite local joint can sell/raffle a 1 year membership valued at $699. Even if it’s sold/raffled for $100 it provides some level of support for another local business. It’s the best way we know to help others right now who are undoubtedly as shaken by this as we are.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your fitness journey, Hive Family. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay strong. 👊🏻

As A Sign Of Support For Hive Fitness- Please Join Our Waitlist!

Please be part of our countdown of 103 members.

Membership Options

All Access Unlimited- $159/mo

Our All Access Unlimited packet is geared for anyone who loves group classes. You will also enjoy the benefits of our free weights and open gym. Each of our studios has its own feel, schedule, and challenges. Enjoy Bootcamp, Barre, Cycle, Yoga & open gym with this membership.

All Access 8- $139/mo

Same as All Access Unlimited except 8 classes per month.

All Access 4- $99/mo

Open Gym Access- $69/mo

This membership is designed for you free weight and open gym people. Our fully stocked free weights and open gym will cover all of your fitness needs. You can also enjoy 1 class per month at any of our studios.

Class Access 8- $119/mo

Class Access 6- $99/mo

6 Classes per month to any of our studios. No open gym or free weights.

Class Access 4- $69/mo

4 Classes per month to any of our studios. No open gym or free weights.

Same as All Access Unlimited except 4 classes per month.

8 Classes per month to any of our studios. No open gym or free weights.


Our Story Told By Rob Jenkins

Having been involved in fitness for nearly 20 years now, and having lots of friends and acquaintances in that world, I was amazed at how expensive it had gotten.

Good instruction costs money, to be sure, but $150-$200 per month for a group class in a small studio with no flexibility in the workouts just seemed like an area of opportunity to change the status quo.

As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve recognized (for myself) the importance of varying training styles, both for completeness of the “fitness picture” and also just to keep it fresh and interesting!

When I began exploring the cost and logistics of finding alternative styles, it became apparent pretty quickly that there was a great opportunity here to save a lot of people a ton of money and provide convenience at the same time…seemed like win/win!

So, Josiah and I began talking about it, and Hive Fitness was born!

We are extremely excited to see peoples’ reaction to Hive. It’s quite literally the first of its kind, and we know people will love the value, convenience, and friendly vibe we promote.

Meet Your Team

We're here for you!


Rob Jenkins

CO-Founder & General Manager

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Josiah Boling



Bryson Rodgers

Ignite+ Lead Trainer


Ryan Wonderlic

transcendYOGA Lead Trainer


Brent Bumgarner

Gravity Lead Trainer


Abbie Cooper

BarreCLTure & NEXTcycle Lead Trainer

Next Steps...

Trying a new workout can be scary. But from the moment you walk into Hive Fitness, you’ll feel at ease. Our workout is designed for all levels. You set the pace, this is your hour. After all, our Hive is for YOU!

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